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Macauley, Henry Charles Edward

Charlie, as he was known in the camp, was born in Port Macquarie on 27 Nov 1913. When he enlisted in the 2nd Australian Imperial Force his name was spelled McCauley. Charlie served in the 6th Division as a driver with the Australian Army Service Corps, service number NX1601

He was captured at Kalamata, Greece on 29 Apr 1941 along with some 8000 other Allied troops. During transportation by train to Austria, on 25 Jun, he escaped and remained on the run for more than a year. He was sent to Stalag 18A at Wolfsberg, Austria arriving there on 12 July 1942.

A file on Charlie's service records contains the following quote: "German troops split us and shot the Greek help I had." In the escape, Charlie said he was accompanied by 'Frank' Hickey. This man was Ronald Francis Hickey, a fellow member of the Australian Army Service Corp. Sadly Frank was killed on 18 Oct 1941. Charlie's daughter said that "he was on the run and in hiding from the Germans and the Bulgarians in the north of Greece ... where he witnessed atrocities committed against the Greek people. Up in the hills in the north of Greece he had incredible support from some villagers, who were hiding and feeding him at great risk to themselves."

Charlie was assigned POW No. 5952. He was transferred from Wolfsberg to Arbeit Commando 10029/GW at Klagenfurt. He was among the prisoners who were marched to Stalag 18C at Markt Pongau in March and April 1945. Markt Pongau was in the Salzburg redoubt, 168 kms north of Klagenfurt.

Charlie died in Sydney on 4 Aug 1979. He was 65.

Charie Macauley
Charlie, First left, back row.

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