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Stubbings, Stewart Ambrose

Corporal Stewart Stubbings, Service No. TX85 stated on his enlistment form that he was born in Sandfly, Tasmania on 12 Nov 1906. However his family report on Ancestry that he was born  on 12 Nov 1905.

Stewart was the second Man Of Confidence at 10029/GW. Subsequently, and retroactively, Stewart  was promoted to Lance Sergeant after the war.

Stewart  was widely respected by the men at 10029/GW. He was known as "the King" due to his affection for pomp and ceremony (according to Jock Nowell). Indeed, in the photographs of the men parading on ceremonial occasions, Stewart has the men immaculately turned out.

Stewart  died on Christmas Day 1985. He was 80. Two of the photographs below show him wearing his favourite slippers.

AWM Nominal Roll

Records available on-line in Australian National Archives

Stuart, second from left. (J Dowick collection)

Sgt Stewart Stubbings, Man Of Confidence (Ian Nowell)

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